Astrological Birth Charts form an integral and essential part of Jane’s Astrology Readings. Ideally, Jane needs to know the place, date and time of your birth. If you’re not sure of the exact time, Jane is still able to produce an accurate chart, or horoscope as it’s also known.

Once your full Astrological Birth Chart has been drawn up, an Astrologer can start to interpret the information for you.

As Jane explains, “Every human has the need to belong and searches to know more about themselves and their place in the world. To unlock the door that leads us closer to the truth in life, we must have a key. Astrology and the study of birth charts is one such key.”

“Your astrology chart is a powerful personal tool – the Sun, Moon and planets were in a distinctly unique position on the day, time and place you were born. Think of it as a snapshot or a roadmap to guide you, as well as telling the story of you.”

Jane concludes, “We can’t blame the “stars” in the sky for our personal failures, as we all have free will, But those same stars and planets do inform us of the optimal time to “plant” our personal seeds of ideas and take action. Most importantly, the planets at birth give us clues and wake us up to the innate gifts that exist within each of us. There is a time and place under heaven, and we are a part of that celestial dance!”

Each Astrological Birth Chart reading takes about 75 minutes but Jane will require your date and time of birth along with where you were born in advance so that she can prepare for your reading. The cost for this reading is $110.

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So grateful for her insight…

Jane is a special person with a great talent. She has a passion and enthusiasm for astrology which clearly showed when she did my astrological chart. It was fascinating that she seemed to know me and she mentioned things about me that were almost word for word what family and friends have said. I was so grateful for her insight that I was on the right path. Thanks, Jane!

Diana M. Dwyer / Personal Life Coach and Confidant Saratoga County, NY
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Fun to share time with

I received a gift certificate as a Christmas gift for a reading with Jane. I was very excited, as I have always wanted to see an astrologer, but hadn’t done so yet. Jane was AMAZING to say the least. She was “spot on” with all she told me about myself – past, present and future. Jane also helped me make a decision that I had been struggling with. It was incredible to me that she knew me so well. Jane had my personal chart prepared for our session and she went over it in great detail. She was very professional, prepared and fun to share time with. I highly would recommend a face to face appointment with her and I have passed her name on to many friends.

Jan Wallace / Ghent, NY

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