If you’re looking for inspiration for a birthday party, family gathering, friends meetup or corporate event, Astrology Parties are a great idea. Without giving too much away, Jane presents a short reading about everyone present – but with a special twist, that makes for much laughter, fun and entertainment.

As with all Astrology Readings, Jane will need everyone’s date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. Before the party Jane will then compete an Astrological Birth Chart for everyone present. The fun element is provided when Jane then tells everyone who is at the party the details of the persons personality and predictions and everyone has to guess who it is.

Jane can either come to your premises for the Astrology Parties New York, or parties can be held over Zoom. Either way, sit back, relax and enjoy – the fun starts here!

See what people are saying about my Astrology Parties

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Magical every time

I’ve always believed in astrology, but over the years I have watched Jane truly prove to me that it is real. I have been a part of 3 of her readings in the last 5 years. One was in person for myself, one was over the phone a few years later when my daughter was born, and the latest one I attended was a 20 person group reading at my mother’s birthday party. It gets sweeter, more jaw-dropping, and magical every time. I still cannot believe how accurate Jane’s readings are. She is able to pin point very specific personally traits, circumstances, and details that only close friends and family would know about the people whose chart she reads. Everyone walks away in awe of her accuracy. Jane is also a sweetheart, so accommodating and charming. I would definitely recommend Jane and her wonderful talent for your next personal reading or event!

Tanya B / Philadelphia, PA
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The most unique party event

Jane was the highlight of my mom’s birthday party! She accurately read each individual in the room, which made people feel really connected and seen. There were happy tears and belly laughs! I would definitely recommend hiring Jane for your next party-whether everyone in the room knows each other very well or are still getting to know one another. Jane navigates a room effortlessly and is the real deal. Along with being the most unique party event, everyone was really happy to be a part of it. Yes, even the skeptics (they left the room believing in astrology – a plus). I highly recommend you hire Jane for your next event – you won’t regret it!

Anisa / Philadelphia PA
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The woman in the moon

My first personal interaction with Jane was at a friend’s Astrology Party. An event that truly intrigued me to want to book a one on one reading with Jane. It was weeks later that I had a personal phone reading and couldn’t have been more excited to hear what the Universe had in store for me from the day I was born. Jane’s intuitive skills and kind words affirmed that I was truly unique like each and every one of us. I shared her knowledge with countless friends and family and I will continue to call upon her for guidance! Thank you Jane for being “the woman in the moon”, an overall vessel for love, support, and an astrologer for us all!
Always Evolving,

JamesJoseph S. LaVigne / Owner of The Epiphany Hair Design, Glens Falls, NY

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