In the corporate world, many companies run compatibility tests to help ensure that potential recruits fit in with the company culture. Jane’s Birth Chart Compatibility Astrology Readings offer a similar service, only this time the focus is on a potential life partner. Can your ambitious, hard-working personality really work with your companion’s easy-going, laid-back approach? Is it a case of like following like, or do opposites attract?

Using Astrological Birth Charts for both parties, Jane’s fascinating readings will reveal all: areas where you dovetail well, where and when the sparks might fly, things you both need to watch, and advice on how you can work better together.

“Birth Chart Compatibility is one of the most interesting – and most revealing – parts of my work as an Astrologer,” says Jane. “People often tell me that I crystalize for them what they are thinking, or that something about their relationship suddenly starts making sense.”

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