Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon in Gemini

This month we have the full moon in Gemini, 16 degrees, on December 8.

December’s full moon is an ideal time to “rest, reset, and practice self-care as you reflect on the past 12 months.” And since this moon is in airy Gemini you can lean into Gemini qualities like curiosity and even a bit of flirtatiousness. “Chat with your friends, and activate your throat chakra”.

Consider doing any of your preferred full moon rituals of choice, keeping in mind that under the sign of Gemini, mental activity will be particularly high. Journaling what you’d like to let go of could be especially beneficial under this moon, and to help.

Something of vital importance is coming to a culmination within 7 days of this date. Mars will be conjunct the tender full moon, so don’t let anyone’s angry words spoil your otherwise positive outlook and your sense of purpose. Mars will oppose the Sun directly, so you may be confronted by an argumentative person you will need to reason with as best you can. Gemini is talented with communication—you always find the right words at the right time, and you are excellent at thinking on your feet. Gemini, so you will have special favor and control over this situation as a result.

Saturn (life’s teacher of important, karmic lessons) is in a lovely, heavenly trine to the full moon and Mars, and is also sextile the Sun, which will bring you benefits in one or more areas of your life. Read the house of life further down to see where it is affecting.

Those of you born within 1 week of February 4th and June 5th, on either side are certainly on the receiving end of some positively glowing vibes.

Bonus: Jupiter is about to move into Aries, which will bring a new year of good vibes – especially those of you born the last week in March, July & November. The celestial energies are very possibly going to grace you with your hearts desires! So be sure and make your desires well known to the powers that be!!

This lunation encourages us to find the light in the dark, the warmth in the cold, and the connections within the sludge, and December’s full moon in Gemini imbued with Mars and Saturn can make it all happen.

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