Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra

Hello Stargazers,

Partnerships are top of mind as we approach the magical Pink Full Moon. The need to balance our authenticity, desires and self-assertion with the needs of others brings the energy of compromise to this full moon.

Venus rules Libra and Libra is the scales of justice. This moon is called the Pink Moon for its springtime association with blooming pink wildflowers, the full moon won’t actually light the sky pink.

However, it will spur us to think pink (as in love) and examine our relationships with others. The sun is positioned in headstrong, me-focused, fiery Aries, which invites us to go after our needs, assert our desires and launch headfirst into our ideas. The moon lingers in intellectual, compromise-focused Libra, asking us to see all sides of all circumstances and find the beauty in life. At odds, as they are with this Full Moon in Libra, we are given the opportunity to learn how to improve our relationships through compromise and compassion while simultaneously honoring our own individual truth. Yes, it’s kind of a balancing act.

We are feeling the energy of the Sun in Aries conjunct Jupiter (blessings and expansion) – it’s time to drop those rose-colored glasses and discover that balance. Are you feeling ready for some revelations?

As with all full moons, we will be urged to reevaluate our lives as feedback and information we need to proceed is revealed to us. You see, full moons are all about culmination, revolution and epiphanies. If you think about it, just like the adage, “as above, so below,” above the moon shines in her full glory, no part of her hidden. Below, just as she’s revealed in her glory, so are the messages we need to evolve.

Funny enough, the moments when the moon is brightest in the sky are the same moments when the sun is completely opposite of the moon creating space to be seen. They are in perfect harmony, balanced, aligned and shining their brightest, reminding us of the ways we must find balance in our lives where all parts of us can shine.

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