Full Moon in Scorpio – Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon in Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

Friday May 4th 2023, 1:24 PM.

Hello Stargazers~

All Full Moons bring closure to a particular area of your life – it highlights opposing forces in your life and it brings your life’s view into a sharper focus! The lunar qualities of emotion and instinct reach their peak. This Full Moon packs a punch because it’s a Lunar Eclipse and it will affect you near the time it will occur because full moons tend to deliver news quickly and bring conclusions or endings.

Does Buckle-Up mean anything!

Then, the full moon falls within the earth’s shadow. The effect is a reddish hue on the surface of the moon, giving this lunation the nickname the blood moon. The color occurs because sunlight hitting the moon is first filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere. This lunar eclipse is also a supermoon, which means that the moon’s orbit will be at its closest point to the Earth.

Use this increase in emotional strength to overcome any challenges you are up against at this time.

Full Moon in Scorpio is a deep, passionate, emotional water sign that calls us to transform & heal. It is not a soft moon, it means business ! Set the goals to live your best life. Taking action. Use this increase in emotional strength to overcome any challenges you are up against at this time. Actively seek out the people, places. and things that can assist you on this journey. Every person creates a ripple of change in our lives whether we or they realize it at the time. Transformation comes from action, right? Consider what you need Make room for the beautiful change and growth in your life, for the best is yet to come into your life. Commit to the change. Set your intensions and if necessary surround yourself with the expansion Tap into the Infinite potential that is sooo available to each of us. Dive in… the water is fine!!

Some zodiac signs, especially those of you born Nov. 3 – 11, March 2 – 12, May 2- 11 and July 1- 10 will see breaks in old habits that have created stumbling blocks to personal progress.

What’s happening in the sky right now!!

Things are about to get intense, because of the lunar alignment of the Moon and also that it happens to also be in opposition to Mercury Retrograde — RutRo – and it’s not here to play. You have something to say, you know you do, but the full expression of talk seems somehow restricted. The full moon will shine a spotlight on our deepest secrets and vulnerabilities, helping us to face the truth and own our power.

What we can’t ignore is Uranus conjuncting the Moon in opposition to Mercury. It’s a quick, sharp bolt of lightening delivering it’s breath of fresh air to all of us to where it’s really needed. Something changes and for some of us it is a much needed change that may only be seen clearly once the dust settles. Stick to your truth and integrity and you will reap the rewards!!

Relax, Transform and Restore… Scorpio style!!!

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