How is each sign of the Zodiac when in Love?

How is each sign of the Zodiac when in Love

Aries the Ram

How is each sign of the Zodiac when in Love?

ARIES – naturally loyal but the need for hot romantic escapades is strong. It’s not beneath the Aries lover to trade in lover A for lover B if the level of excitement runs cold for any length of time. The key for Aries is to know the difference between true compatibility and flirtations – matching up well in the beginning is key. Their colorful imagination and zest to reach the stars can way over rule practical wisdom. That’s part of their charm!

Taurus the Bull

TAURUS – loves for keeps. They are slow to anger but when the jealousy radar goes off – look out! I knew a Taurus man who attended his wife’s high school reunion. When her ex-boyfriend made his way over and blurted out, “you’re as hot as the day we graduated”, the Taurus man didn’t hesitate to punch him in the face. Nobody flirts with Taurus’s partner and gets away with it!

Gemini the Twins

GEMINI – They are charming conversationalists who know how to talk their way into your head and heart for sure. All twin gems have great admiration for and attraction to others who have a sharp, bright intellect. The way to their hearts is through the written and spoken word that is used with broad brush strokes. Fickle Gemini can tire of a life that is routine so, the quickest way to wind up in divorce court if you are married to a Gemini? Be boring, act jealous and try to restrict them in any way!

Cancer the Crab

CANCER – Caretaking and love go hand in hand with this sign. No one can nurture you through a bad headache or the flu like the Cancerian. Their ability to cook up a 5 course meal for 8 with a days notice is common place. The intrigue with this sign lies in their changeable nature. Moon ruled people can be offbeat looney birds with a killer laugh one day and at times are buttoned up serious dwelling on their stocks and bonds holdings. They are even more serious about their family relationships so don’t think you can ever insult their family, especially Mom. If you do you’ll wind up eating by yourself and sleeping on the floor!!

Leo the Lion

LEO –  If you’re in love with a Leo you’ll need sunglasses to bask in their brilliance! They love the social merry-go-round! Shaking hands and kissing babies is their thing but they expect you to be close by to play. The Leo king or queen will love you all the more if you can be there to fluff up the seat of their “throne” and rub their tired feet. In return you’ll be adored and receive the love of a pretty “cool cat” who will make sure that you’re never lonely.

Virgo the Virgin

VIRGO – Oh, so you’re in love with a Virgo?! These sometimes cranky, gentle souls know how to “split-hairs” so don’t challenge them to a week of Wordle games cuz they’ll probably clean the floor with you! Known for their sharp mental acuity they’ll also beat anyone when it comes to keeping their car, house or fingernails clean. Their constant loyalty will outweigh their neurotic tendencies – well, most of the time. Plus they know how to work their magic with the checkbook!

Libra the Scales

LIBRA – Since lovely Libra invented romance who could resist their sweet gestures and poetic words of undying love! However, their ability to procrastinate and their inability to come to a quick decision (because it could be wrong, unfair, not fitting) could be a deal breaker for some. Male or female they are the original “Goldylocks” – too soft, too hard – Just Right! They feel that way about politics, the 4 seasons, what shoes to wear and what to have for breakfast. The Libra scales drive them in the direction of harmony, balance, fairness and peace. They can see both sides of an issue but let the neighbors ever stand in judgment of you or a loved one and they will feel the wrath of Malificent!

Scorpio the Scorpion

SCORPIO – With a Scorpio you know when you are loved and you know when you are not! There is no guess work with these solid citizens! Their worst trait is that they can be possessive but they DON’T want to be possessed. The good news is that if you are in love with a Scorpio you will be under the spell of a sexy, compelling, beguiling soul who knows how to drown you in intoxicating bliss and make you feel that you are the only person on earth.

Sagittarius the Archer

SAGITTARIUS – If you can catch up with this traveling guru as they flit across the oceans blue, know that their thirst for spiritual truth never ends! You may wonder, “do they even have any time for love”? Some may say that the archer gives their heart out to many, much like door to door Halloween candy greeters. Yes, a piece of that hopeful, open heart is given out to many who cross their path. These freedom chasers take their time getting to “I Do”. We get to be on the receiving end of these fine truth-seekers!

Capricorn the Goat

CAPRICORN – I think it was a practical Capricorn who said, “It’s just as easy to marry a rich man as it is a poor man!” It’s not that this winter sign doesn’t believe in romance and kissing under a silvery moon- they do, it’s just that they don’t let themselves ever be blinded to the facts that exist in any relationship they’re in. When these folks do get ready to walk down the aisle, LasVegas won’t be where the destination wedding takes place. If you are looking for a ambitious, cautiously optimistic, steady who knows how to balance a checkbook and build on their 401K nest egg – put a ring on it!!

Aquarius the Water Carrier

AQUARIUS – This non-conforming brilliant thinker believes in tomorrow as strongly as a 4 year old believes in Santa? They don’t look to tomorrow because they are saving for a rainy day, oh never, but they do care greatly about what happens to our planet, children and elderly tomorrow. Yes, I know it’s admirable but it doesn’t warm the recesses of your heart. Romance doesn’t come up on their radar as often as it does for their Pisces, Aries or Leo friends “Let’s be friends” is said more often by Aquarius and they mean it. They ponder the future with an electric blue mental clarity and can save the planet a lot more skillfully than they can “save the date” with you. It’s good to know these things, don’t you think?!

Pisces the Fish

PISCES – Whenever I want you all I have to do… is dream, dream, dream. The theme song for the wistfully romantic Pisces! No other sign can take you down the rabbit hole of life (I mean this most positively or negatively) like “the fish” can. This gentle dreamer loves fantasy and frivolous fun and can be seen displaying their vivid, intuitive imagination in the entertainment venue or in a kindergarten classroom. Yet they are very capable of giving their time and effort to sacrificing their own happiness for yours if need be. If you want to dance, drink and sing the night away, you’ve found your partner!

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