New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn

The New Moon in Capricorn, 2 degrees is upon us. For the next 2 weeks this New Moon will emerge in the energies and themes that we experience. The Capricorn vibe of being reserved, cautious, entrepreneurial and ready to take care of business seems to play out.

This New Moon has tremendous intuitive energy and meaning attached to it.

This new moon will push you to re-evaluate everything, from your goals for 2023 to how you can (finally) achieve that perfect work-life balance. This year, you’ll crave a little more freedom in your life… how can you make it happen?

The essence of this New Moon is as if the 2023 new year is kicking off today and so Happy New Year just might be in order in a matter of speaking!!

Go ahead and use the energy of this New Moon to create a to-do list for the upcoming year, setting your personal, professional, and relationship goals in place.

The Capricorn new moon on Dec 24th is nicely aspected to the rest of the planets in transit. So the spiritual meaning of the new moon relates to positive change, growth and higher self-awareness.
Christmas Day brings the transiting moon to Aquarius, a lovely place for us all to think of others and join in friendly exchanges. With Jupiter going into Aries on December 20 for the next few months, friends will be calling and will want you to join them in their festivities between Xmas and New Years and after this day.

Mercury will start to retrograde on December 29 until January 18, so wrap up contractual agreements well in advance of December 29. Refrain from spending your holiday gift cards on electronics—shop early, or better yet, wait until after January 18 to shop for electronics or anything expensive.

Mars will continue to retrograde in Gemini until January 12. It looks like the New Year will have a slow and gentle start. Christmas Day will be the livelier of the 2 holidays—better than New Year’s Eve, with the moon in Taurus— steady, stable, patient and content is the energy being expressed so, put your greatest emphasis on December 25th and the days that follow. Planning to have a quiet New Year’s Eve is probably an excellent way to see this.

Once we reach January 18, the world will awaken, for both Mars (action) and Mercury (communications) will be moving direct. The pace will pick up noticeably and have you moving at the speed of light, so while you can proceed slow and easy, take full advantage. Mark your calendars!!

When Venus is contacted by Uranus, there’s a side bonus besides being popular and sought after socially – you may get fantastic news you don’t expect on a personal or professional level (depending on where this falls in your birth chart. (read further below in the “houses of life”. On December 28th Venus in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces will produce a sparkling evening just made for breathless romance. The transiting moon will be in Pisces, cuddling close to Neptune and Jupiter in an out-of-sign near conjunction. Gee, how good can it get? Put that together with Venus (love) is contacted by Uranus (quick, sudden change) it is another couple of days to mark your calendar.

This is a particularly good time to make new friends. They could be unusual or eccentric types or those from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds. This is also a good time to learn more about science, technology, computers, and occult subjects like astrology.

You will notice the effects of the New Moon in a extra special way if your birthday falls in the last week in December, March, June, and Sept.

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