New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus

Hello Stargazers,

Welcome to The New Moon in Taurus– new beginnings. As the Sun and Moon are joined together in love centered Taurus for a few days expect to feel more grounded, practical and certain. Taurus is an earth sign, ruled by Venus and Taurus wants to build and possess all things beautiful, Art, music, flowers,fashion, money and real estate are what every Taurus (and those of you born with a Taurus Moon or rising sign) want to experience. And so with this Taurus New Moon we will feel the determination to fulfill certain plans and find fulfillment, no matter what kind of obstacles stood in our way previously. The Taurus moon reminds us not only to notice when a new need arises but also to be careful not to delay doing something to try and meet that need.

Discover the NEW MOON’s Magic!! You are laying seeds in this area of life as it appears. The actions you take from will likely come to fruition in the next 1-3 weeks. Are you looking to make the most of the powerful New Moon in Taurus? It affects each one of us differently. Jupiter (the planet of luck, and generosity just went into Taurus for the rest of this year. Those of you Taurus people born May 19-May 31st are beginning to feel the full, vibrant effects of this planet. Opportunity is knocking – don’t be asleep!!

This celestial alignment encourages us to focus on building stability and abundance that will last for a long time.

It is also an ideal time to be creative and find practical solutions for our endeavors. As we bask in the energies of this New Moon, we can take comfort knowing that our efforts are being supported by the Universe.

Use this energy to manifest your dreams using the patience, determination, and commitment that is Taurus.

The Moon is reaching out to Pluto!!

This is also the first new moon in Taurus since Pluto moved into Aquarius, starting a 19.5-year period for our human community to explore questions of equality, revolution, and technology. The new moon is making an out-of-sign trine with our new revolutionary Aquarius-positioned Pluto. Taurus’s need for material security is wanting to have a conversation with the idealism of Aquarius.


Mars and Venus in Cancer nurtures and protects us and Jupiter in Taurus is here to luxuriate and bring us into an elegant style of want and desire. Remember this about this weekend – we have the opportunity to sew the seeds of togetherness that will take us down the road to non-stop possibilities of harmony. Put off the meaningless activities until the following weekend – take this time to make “IT” happen with others – don’t go solo on anything – partner up!

Take advantage of planet Mercury’s steady, forward motion right now.

This energy is PERFECT for moving past a block!! There is an opportunity to engage in activities that seemed closed to us before. So, let the universe do all the heavy lifting and in true Taurus fashion, let this energy assist you with the steps to ensure a greater future!

Release what you cannot control.

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